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Catering Ideas to Make Your Event Menu Stand Out

Catering events is where food really counts. Take charge of providing the best corporate event experience with event catering to wow your guests. Melba Catering are specialist corporate event caterers with an enticing event catering menu to match. Let’s explore some beautiful and tasty options!

New Zealand Food Trends in Autumn 2023

MELBA Catering keeps up with the latest food trends for Autumn 2023 to bring you fresh, locally produced catering meals straight to the office or function.

What to Ask Your Caterer When Planning an Event

Your caterer should be able to answer questions relating to serving and packaging, not just the menu. MELBA has all the answers for your catering needs.

Wide Range of Fresh Produce Available in New Zealand

MELBA Catering sources locally produced fresh produce to use in their catering in order to provide you with the freshest and sustainable catering meals.

Using Sustainable Packaging in Catering

MELBA Catering in Auckland has served corporate catering needs for over ten years. Well experienced in sustainable catering , MELBA has continued to deliver deliciously prepared me...