Using Sustainable Packaging in Catering

MELBA Catering in Auckland has served corporate catering needs for over ten years. Well experienced in sustainable catering, MELBA has continued to deliver deliciously prepared meals for any corporate event, big or small. In our post-pandemic world, environmentally ethical business practices are paving the way to successfully maintaining your business in a competitive market.

MELBA Catering has taken the necessary steps to stay relevant but also green by using organic ingredients and being energy and fuel-efficient in our current economy. These ecologically sound practices put them ahead of the pack, promoting them as the best choice for any sustainable catering corporate function you are planning.


MELBA Catering switched to biodegradable and predominantly paper-based packaging to transport their catering meals. As a sustainable catering company, they support locals by using Innocent Packaging, which manufactures packaging made from recycled materials with the lowest carbon footprint.

From plates, bowls, and cutlery to the trays the meals are served on, and the serviettes you use, MELBA’s packaging requirements were carefully customised to meet their specific needs, to create the best sustainable product from their kitchen to your function.

Delivery Method

With increasing fuel prices, you’d be pleased to know that MELBA uses an electric car for deliveries. Not only will the environment benefit from the electric delivery vehicle, but your pocket will. Eco friendly catering helps keep delivery costs down with the electric delivery vehicle, which translates to sticking to your budget and getting what is most important: good food at an affordable price. As a result, they cut down on their carbon footprint and give you a sustainable catering experience.


MELBA Catering uses only organically grown locally produced ingredients. Keeping it local ensures the freshness of the ingredients, which in turn gives you the best menu options. Nothing beats a sun-ripened tomato on freshly baked bread. Farm-to-table sustainable catering is essential in giving you a great experience working with MELBA Catering. MELBA’s freshly baked loaves of bread are provided by Bread & Butter in Auckland. Organic flours are used in baking, resulting in a loaf of crusty, light bread. MELBA Catering uses organic free-range chicken and eggs for all their catering menus.


The key to minimising food waste is planning. There is a particular skill to this, as you have to accurately plan the menu, which includes all the ingredients used and the packaging. Keeping the produce fresh requires ordering only as much as you intend to use. For a sustainable catering business, this is a fine line to tread. MELBA Catering prides itself on keeping food waste to the barest minimum, with strict in-house policies and procedures.

Proper food storage and labelling, portion control and carefully curated menus limit the ecological damage of food waste in landfills. Planning your function for your specifications is quickly done with supporting staff, who are well trained in minimising food waste by implementing correct food preparation techniques, correct food storage procedures and avoiding cross-contamination with other ingredients.