New Zealand Food Trends in Autumn 2023

As Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, we heave a sigh of delight that we may return to the enjoyment of food. With seasonally available ingredients, social gatherings and chilly weather, we look at the predominant food trends for Autumn 2023.

Individually Packed Food Items

Covid-19 has changed the catering landscape forever. As a society, we have never been so tuned to cross-contamination in our history. Thus, the individually packaged meal at catering functions. Yes, we have separated orders before, but things have taken a much more detail-oriented turn post-pandemic. Individual salad boxes, cutlery sets and individually packed buffet meals have become the norm. MELBA Catering specialises in delivering high-quality meals in individual eco-friendly packaging to keep up with the catering food trends.

Special Dietary Requirements

With more dietary illnesses being recorded, you must ensure your meal requirements are acknowledged and catered for. Corporate inclusion policies have also adapted to be much more considerate when catering for functions. Plant-based menus are now being hailed as the norm, with adding meats being extra. Starting with a more neutral base menu, it is easier to accommodate individual needs and curate a much more personalised menu. MELBA Catering has developed its new menus accordingly to provide you with the best dietary accommodating meals and keep up to date with the catering trends.

Seasonal Availability and Sustainability

As the weather grows colder, the seasonal summer foods have ended. Colder weather invites warm dishes, and locally produced broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and potatoes are perfect for soups and warm stews. New Zealand has worked closely with farmers to provide sustainably produced fruits and vegetables grown with ethical business practices. You help support local farmers and small businesses by buying local and seasonal and giving you the best sustainable ingredients.

Catering Trends

Grazing tables are all the rage for conventional catering, where you can eat and mingle. Grazing tables are less formal than a buffet but give the ability to display the menu items to their best advantage. Using natural wooden platters and glass domes, grazing table catering takes that formal party to an eco-friendly meal bonanza that looks good and tastes fantastic. MELBA incorporates grazing platters catering to give you the convenience of a grazing table without the many setups it might require. Plating the grazing platters at your corporate function is super easy, as the platters are made from sustainably sourced cardboard, and the meal itself is made from locally produced ingredients.

We are creating a meal experience.

If the latest TikTok food trends are to be believed, you can create an international dining experience simply by utilising the right ingredients. In our post-pandemic world, many home cooks started experimenting with their skills to make new meals for their families during the lockdown. They have learnt that it is easy to visit different countries by simply cooking with new ingredients, giving you new experiences without leaving your home.