What to Ask Your Caterer When Planning an Event

When looking for an event caterer, you will inevitably have some questions that you will want to ask. However, are you asking the right ones? Notably, not everything is about the food. Knowing what to ask from your Caterer will make the whole process much easier and result in a well-planned and executed event: one where everyone gets enough to eat.

MELBA Catering has the best experience in Auckland, thanks to 10 years experience in the industry. Carefully curating menus and dishes, they aim to make your corporate function a well-attended and enjoyable affair. To facilitate that, basic questions to ask your Caterer should be considered once the main dishes have been decided upon. Below is a list of questions to ask your catering services.

How much food should I order?

MELBA recommends ordering at least four items per person as well as four different menu items. This will allow you variety and choice of selection. Of course, more food is always the best, but providing a table with food for ten people for a two-hour meeting is just a waste.

How much time should be allowed for catering delivery and set up?

A vital part of a successful corporate function is feeding people on time. It becomes very uncomfortable when said people salivate over the sandwiches you are still plating. Allowing at least 45 minutes for delivery and catering setup will result in a well-executed function.

Does MELBA have daily specials?

Definitely! Specials are great for promoting new dishes or making the most of seasonal ingredients. Inquire when placing your order to find out the daily specials and whether they can be provided for your function. With luck, they will become a standing order.

Who provides the tableware?

When negotiating event catering, tableware must be discussed. Some venues might supply them; others will not. MELBA Catering can supply everything needed for your corporate event catering.

How fresh is the meal being served?

Nothing dampens a party like a stale, dry sandwich. MELBA Catering prepares all orders on the day, fresh and delivered to be consumed at your function simultaneously.

Does your Caterer need equipment to prepare the meal on-site?

MELBA Catering delivers the prepared menu items already made. No preparation on site is required, and no special equipment needs to be provided. Depending on our menu, some setup or plating may be done to make serving the meal easier.

Do you staff or serve at the event?

Your Caterer should be able to assist you in setting up the meal and, if needed, serve. Most corporate events prefer a buffet menu, as it is more accessible to network while eating, and people are more relaxed.

How the meal is served will depend entirely on your menu, availability of alcohol and the number of people attending your function. Get in touch today by using the Get a Quote feature.