The Shared Lunch
The Shared Lunch

The Shared Lunch


This setup is intended for the board members to mix and mingle while enjoying their lunch. The items will be delivered on platters for everyone to share.

Price is per person, minimum order quantity is 6 attendees.

Has the following mix:

  • Multiple Large Salads to share - (detailed below)
  • Assorted Sandwiches & Wraps - (detailed below)
  • Puhoi Cheese Board & Crackers platter
  • Mini Vegan Carrot Muffins & Assorted Danish Pastries platter


SALADS - The mix or variety of sharing salads will depend on the number of attendees, we will generally look to provide a new variety for every 6 attendees (e.g. if you have 12 attendees you will get 2 varieties). We will choose one of the salads to be vegetarian. If the number of attendees is below 12, we will select a meat based salad unless specified otherwise.

Sandwiches & Wraps - selection is half sandwiches x number of attendees. With a full plate of salad, we find attendees generally only require half a sandwich. Hence we will select a mix of our favourite sandwiches & wraps allowing everyone to enjoy a different flavour. We will allow for the vegetarian count to be 15%, please let us know in the 'order notes' if this is not sufficent or exceeds requirements.

Once we have received your order, we will soon after send you a complete breakdown of our proposal of the board meeting menu to you.