Mixed Platter - Shared Salads
Energizer Salad Platter 10 PAX
Energizer Salad Platter - 10 Pax

Mixed Platter - Shared Salads


Salads Sizing : 6 or 10 PAX : We suggest selecting your quantities in multiples of the 6 PAX option, so that there is a wider variety of flavours available for your group.

Example: 18 PAX office catering, select 3 of 6 PAX option.

We will choose a mix of our best selling flavours from the salads displayed on the website.

Shared salad platters work great in working style environments as they encourage all attendees to mix and mingle.

These are perfect for your larger group office caterings as they are space and cost effective, while also consuming less packaging in comparison to individual salad boxes. The only negative maybe that there isnt as much of a variety as individual boxes for all attendees, however to combat this we suggest you select the quantity of shared salad platters in multiples of 6 PAX.

We still suggest that you select the individual salad boxes for all your special dietary attendees.